There’s nothing we love more than checking into great hotels, but sometimes checking out can be hard to do. Luckily for all of us, we can bring some of our favorite hotel treats and accessories back home. Whether its organic toiletries made in London, or a Viennese chocolate torte, it’s the little hotel touches that can make you feel as though you’re still on vacation.

With holiday lights and décor filling up city streets and store shelves faster than we can say trick-or-treat (ahem, Rockefeller Center), we’re joining the bandwagon. Here’s our curated list of the best gift choices from our favorite hotels around the globe!


Harvest Jams & Butters for Every Day of the Year – Blackberry Farm, Tennessee


After our visit this past 4th of July (check out our review here), we haven’t stopped dreaming of all the incredible food we devoured at Blackberry Farm  in Tennessee. We especially loved mornings on the farm where each breakfast began with a spread of jams and an assortment of buttery rolls and sweet scones. We made sure to pack them up as gifts on our way home. From the online gift shop,  The Seasons of Blackberry ($95) is a splurge, but it has the best of all the preserves offered throughout the year. The Pumpkin & Pear Butter and the classic Blackberry Jam is calling our name. Pair this with the Blackberry Farm Cookbook ($60) and you’ll be sure to please even the most discerning palates. Jams and butters can also be purchased individually (starting at $14.50).


A Gift for Princess & Gift for You, of Course – Beverly Hills Hotel, California                                    


Nothing says iconic 90210 more than the Beverly Hills Hotel, even when its being boycotted by most of Tinseltown. We (especially the kids) loved our stay there when it turned 100 (see our review here) and we can’t wait to go back.  Thanks to their online gift shop, we can go Hollywood retro and bring a little bit of the glitz back home. Our favorites include the beach towel ($79) and cute pet bowl ($35) for our canine friends that are both covered in the hotel’s signature pink and white stripe design. Who says Princess can’t feel like a VIP at mealtime?


Giraffe Pitcher for Safari Living – Giraffe Manor, Kenya


When we stayed at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya – back in ’09, ’11, and again in ’12 (see review here) – we not only fell in love with all of the resident giraffes (and warthogs), but we also admired the thoughtful décor. The most memorable part of our stay was family dinners in the Garden Manor Hall where wine flowed and water poured out of the most unique, giraffe-shaped pitcher I’ve ever seen. Immediately upon our return from Kenya, I searched up and down for this pitcher and was elated when I found it here by Arthur Court ($135)! I bought one for my mom and it still reminds us of our trip.


A Take-Me-There Coffee Table Book – Hotel Il Pellicano, Italy


I gave this book as a gift and it wonderfully illuminates the legendary Hotel Il Pellicano, the property famously secluded in Tuscany’s Porto Ercole. This once privately owned villa, opened its doors to many beginning in the 1960’s. It’s a rare movie star, designer, diplomat, or royal that this 50-room hotel hasn’t hosted. The book takes a look back at the jetsetters who frequented the hotel and the influential legacy that remains today. You’ll be tempted to pack your bags ($60).


Let Them Eat Cake – Hotel Sacher Wien, Austria

sacherWho says your favorite hotel amenity can’t be dessert? For Hotel Sacher Wien in Vienna, dessert is one of its crowning jewels. In fact, the Sacher Torte is considered the “most famous cake in the world” and has been since 1832 when the hotel opened. The chocolate cake is hand-coated with apricot (drooling right now) and its recipe remains tightly sealed by the hotel. The best part? You don’t need to leave home to order the Original Sacher Torte in time for the holidays (starting at $28). We’re thrilled to be traveling to Hotel Sacher Salzburg this December, so be on the lookout for our upcoming review.


Tumblers that Bring the Dolce Vita Home – Le Sirenuse, Italy


Ready to up your table setting game? Murano, a small island less than a mile from Venice, is known worldwide for its glass-blown marvels. Combine Murano glass with the design work of the late Carlo Moretti (a pioneer and award-winning glass designer), and you’ve got yourself one high-end tumbler. With fun pops of color and modern patterns, these tumblers instantly transport you to Italy. They do come at a high price, so be prepared to dish out some serious dough ($112 per glass). Sipping out of these tumblers is even better at Le Sirenuse. We hear Positano calling! P.S. We also love these tumblers from Cipriani Venice.


What’s Better than a British Pullman? A British Teddy Pullman – The Orient Express, Europe


Riding The Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul is definitely on our bucket list. For those planning future trips – specifically the Signature Venice Journey (London to Venice), or any Northern Belle journey (travel within the UK) – you can now purchase special gift boxes that are delivered to your doorstep ahead of your voyage. There is a gift box specific to these journeys that include everything from silver plated napkin rings and a copy of A Murder on the Orient Express (by Agatha Christie), to an adorable British Pullman teddy. This is a great gift for any kid preparing for the big trip, or for you, of course ($200 and $1,191 – latter price includes two tickets for Signature Journey train).


Sip Sake as if  You Were Dining at Kozue – Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan


After a bottle, or three of this sake, you may actually be able to see Mt. Fugi. High above the hustle of city life on the 4oth floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo is Kozue, serving contemporary Japanese cuisine since 1994.  The views of Tokyo’s skyline from Kozue are unmatched (it may look familiar if you’ve seen Lost in Translation) and the food consistently ranks amongst the best in the city. Dinner at this swanky joint can easily run well into the hundreds, especially when you are browsing the extensive sake menu. The sake is carefully selected from all over Japan and pairs perfectly with each dish on the menu. Thanks to local shops like Sakaya in NYC, we can enjoy the same sake as served in Kozue. Our favorite at the moment (and also currently on Kozue’s menu) is Nanbu Bijin ($70.99). It has melon and apple flavored notes and pairs perfectly with grilled vegetables and any tempura dish. Yum!


Natural Lip Balm for Late Nighters Needing R&R– Soho House


For anyone who has stayed at a Soho House property, you are familiar with their all-organic toiletries from Cowshed, a London skincare shop. The plant-based bath and body products are downright therapeutic and can literally cleanse a rough night out on the town…not that we would know anything about that, Soho Beach House. We immediately fell in love with the Lippy Cow Lip Balm ($8) that instantly hydrates your lips with essential oils (perfect for winter). It smells divine and a little goes a long way. There are also lots of great gift options that include skincare kits and bath sets that are sure to be a hit with friends.


Bring the (good) Scent of a Hotel Room to Your Bedroom – W Hotels


From the $2,000 tufted platform bed to the extra-large body pillow, the W Hotel has all your home and bath needs covered. They didn’t forget any detail and that’s why we’re so intrigued by the W Room Scent lemon spritzer ($36). For anyone who has stayed at a W Hotel, this signature lemon room scent should bring back memories. With all the 5-star reviews, this would make a fun gift for anyone wanting to transform their bedroom with a simple spritz. Reviewers rave about its calming and mood lifting (and bed lifting, naturally) effects.

Thanks to hotels setting up shop online, we never have to worry about having enough space in our suitcase. Tempted to book any of these hotels? Go to www.ClassicTravel.com/Inviato for special Virtuoso rates and perks.



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