When my husband announced he was going on a whirlwind four-day business trip to four different cities in Europe, and wanted a recommendation of a place to stay for a night in London, I knew I had to send him to the Haymarket Hotel, located in the theater district.  The hands-down consensus from friends who stayed at three (The Soho Hotel, Haymarket Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel – see their reviewshere) of the seven Firmdale-owned properties in the last few months was that Haymarket was the best. How could I not send my husband there?

Just Checked Out: Haymarket Hotel, London
The Lounge

Forget about the fact that it was nowhere in the vicinity of his business meeting or that it didn’t have a business center  – minor inconveniences!  After all, I was on a mission to get more feedback on this hotel and wanted my husband to check the place out and maybe take some pictures in his five minutes of spare time – so availability of fax machines and proximity to client meetings and dinners were not factors in my consideration.

His detailed report/review?

“Really cool”

(To his defense, he was sleep-deprived and in and out in less than 12 hours. I did manage to get some elaboration after more probing, but it was more in the theme of “awesome pool”, “incredible suite…but no idea why they welcomed me back and gave me an upgrade since it was my first time “).

So…no real review today, just some cool pictures taken on the iphone (sorry they are a bit grainy) of this beautifully designed, “cool” hotel…enjoy!

Just Checked Out: Haymarket Hotel, London
Living Room of Suite
Just Checked Out: Haymarket Hotel, London
Suite Bedroom

Just Checked Out: Haymarket Hotel, London

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sinxia hotels
14 years ago

The Haymarket is a nice hotel in London with its own style… its good to be able to see images of hotels online, read reviews, and compare prices before booking and travelling …