A new hotel in Barcelona has just arrived and it smells gooood!  Welcome to an Inside Look of the Hotel Praktik Bakery. Who doesn’t love the scent of freshly baked croissants or a loaf of bread wafting out of the oven in the morning? With the benefit of a traditional bakery in the lobby, now you have the pleasure of a bakery and hotel all rolled in one. Baluard, an established bakery led by Anna Bellsolá, offers pastries and loaves all day long to satiate the appetites of even the pickiest of guests.




The 74-room hotel opened on April 1 by the Spanish hotel group Praktik (the company manages two other hotels in Barcelona: Praktik Garden and Praktik Rambla) in the lively, modernist Eixample district. You will find many of Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces located in this area of of the city as well as trendy restaurants and shops such as Vincon and Restaurant Mordisco. The metro is a mere 5-minute walk away.


room 6

In a city that stands out for its unique and extravagant design and architecture, the Praktik is a breath of fresh air in its simplicity. We love the muted colors and monochromatic palette used throughout the hotel as well as the industrial design of glass, brick and lacquered wood.  The 74 rooms – simple and streamlined yet luxurious – are designed by internationally renowned designer, Lazaro Rosa-Violán (just take a look at his mind-blowing repertoire of hotels and restaurants on his website.)



On a gluten free diet? No problem. Yet another Pratkik hotel is coming to Barcelona this summer: Pratkik Vinotecha –catering to a different type of indulgence.  You guessed it -Wine.

Rates at Pratkik Bakery start at less than 100 euros a night. Rooms come complete with wi-fi, central A/C and flatscreen TVs. With bakery aromas wafting up to the rooms 24/7, we can only hope that breakfast is included!

Provença 279,

Barcelona, Spain


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Elizabeth Benintendi
Elizabeth Benintendi
10 years ago

Like we’re not popping in here…..yum