A first impression of recent guests staying one night at the Crosby Street Hotel in Soho, New York (see New York for my post about the opening of the Crosby Street Hotel):


” I found Crosby, in general, to be a  “good-to-great” hotel”:
The restaurant:  I would describe the restaurant/bar decor as british-american folk artsy, with jewel-toned hanging globe lights the focal point. We especially liked our table overlooking the garden courtyard (snow-covered) with hanging Moroccan chandeliers. Customers were predominately women. Service seemed up to par. The breakfast menu and buffet might have struck me as “wow” if I didn’t experience the exact same thing at it’s London counterparts, the Haymarket and the Soho hotels (eggs, meats, black pudding, great breads, biscuits, muffins).  I found the lunch and dinner menus unexceptional, unlike the prices. We had a few tapas items that were good but not memorable (maybe having a pre-senior moment).
The service:  All hotel staff was congenial and accommodating. The front desk was friendly – we recognized a Brazilian woman from the Haymarket  who came here to open the Crosby Street Hotel. What I found lacking was customer-centric service, especially since this was our third stay at a Firmdale hotel in less than 6 months (Crosby Street is the 7th hotel in the Firmdale portfolio and their first U.S. venture). They should acknowlege their repeat customers and appreciate them with a little fuss, welcome by name, have their room ready upon check-in, maybe offer something complimentary. We also weren’t told about the unavailable drawing room (best room in hotel) until we tried to go in. Fortunately, it was ready the next day so we were able to enjoy its beautiful environment.
Drawing Room
Meeting/common rooms on lower level were gorgeous without the glitz. We didn’t get to use the gym, but it was well-equipped and sparkling.
What we Loved:  Our room was spacious and provided a comfortable king bed and fantastic shower (both hard to get out of!).  A wall of windows looking down at Crosby St created an interesting perspective.
What we didn’t love:  The drink prices (wow!). We felt the room rate should have included continental breakfast.
Having now been to three of Firmdale’s hotels, Crosby is the newest and probably the best, but Haymarket is still my favorite (see London on this blog for a review). The U.K.  rates are much better, about $350/night compared to $525 in NYC.
The Bottom line:  I wouldn’t hesitate to book a stay or recommend any of the Firmdale properties.
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14 years ago

I routinely travel with my DH and 4 children (12, 9, 9 and 6) and we absolutely love the Haymarket in London so much that we were considering taking a few nights at the Crosby Street Hotel even though we live only an hour south in NJ. Interesting to read your views on The Veranda in T&C as we are scheduled to stay there for a week in late March. Happy to have found this blog.