This post comes a bit late since I didn’t theoretically “just check out” of this wonderful gem of a hotel located off the Place St. Sulpice in Paris. To be exact, it was six months ago since I stayed at the Hotel Recamier...but who’s counting?  Lengthy apartment renovations, a new consulting assignment, the daily grind and just plain procrastination has kept this blog on the quieter front the last few months. My apologies to those who care. But I have too many great places piling up eager to be discovered. It’s time to whet some appetites.


Now, back to Paris and the Hotel Recamier...In a previous post, I lamented how that no matter how many times I have been to this exquisite city, the quintessential hotel I have been looking for — and that I could happily return to and recommend – still remained elusive. I am thrilled to say I finally found it in Hotel Recamier.

The hotel was suggested to me by the knowledgable travel team at Indagare when I gave them my requisites for a quickie girls trip to Paris: intimate, must be in a great location on the left bank and have some chic/style (without being too trendy) . Recamier fit the bill beautifully.

Service was warm and accommodating but not intrusive. The public spaces were beautifully appointed – with the help of designer Jean-Louis Deniot – with an eclectic mix of classical but contemporary styles and not overtly trying to make a statement. Breakfast (croissants and coffee are included in the room price) was served in an intimate but beautiful tea-room off the lobby (in good weather there is a small outdoor courtyard).

My room

The 24 rooms, while tiny, are stylishly designed – in a classic, contemporary design – with all the amenities one could want including iPod stations, flat screen TVs and down comforters.  But what literally made me clap my hands with joy was opening the floor to ceiling windows to admire the view of St. Sulpice with the Eiffel Tower in the background – something out of an E.M. Forster novel. I admired that view when I woke up and before going to bed just to remind myself “yes Jackie you really are in Paris”.

The view from my window

Hotel Recamier is centrally located in the left bank with the extra bonus of being right around the corner to the entrance of the Luxembourg Gardens. The location on St. Sulpice was ideal with charming streets full of terrific boutiques and restaurants (see some of my new finds below) and several metros nearby to choose from.

Vibe:  Like being in an elegant townhouse home

  • While most rooms have views of St. Sulpice, the upper rooms have the best unobstructed views of the Eiffel Tower so try to get an upper floor. Suites are more spacious and worth the extra price.
  • This is a great place to come solo, with your partner or on a girls trip. Even though it it’s location ideal for children, Im not sure the Recamier the most fitting of places to bring a family due to its intimate size (La Tremoille would be better for that).
The last word: A definite winner. If you can’t get there, at least go on the Recamier web site – the tunes will definitely get you in the mood.
La Vaissellerie – 85 rue de Rennes. Great place for touristy but charming gifts.
Metal Pointu – 13 rue du Cherche Midi. Check out this place for terrific, inexpensive jewelry.
Matteo & Paola – 20 rue du Cherche Midi.  Pretty tea salon for lunch or late afternoon tea.
Pom d’api – 28 rue du Four. Unique children’s shoes in every color of the rainbow.
Le Bon Marché – a must. The basement and top floors are great diversions for kids. The home furnishing floor is incredible (although I was escorted off the floor for taking pictures).
Laduree – a small outpost on 21 rue Bonaparte is nearby as are other macaroon stores which are hard to pass up on your way back to the hotel.
A colorful selection at BonTon
Just A Subway stop away:
Merci on Blvd. Beau Marchais, Bonton (a concept store from the Bonpoint brand) and the new Ralph Lauren restaurant Ralph’s on Blvd. St. Germain  (all clustered together) were worth a 2-hour diversion. Merci has a wonderful café.
Le Bon Marche – I was asked to leave after taking this photo
Kitchen Galerie Bis on rue des Grands Augustins was a hit with a unique tasting menu although I still prefer the more established sister restaurant further down the street, Ze Kitchen Galerie (check out
the wonderful venetian lighting store across the street Bois de Lune).
Chateaubriand is definite the HOT foodie restaurant of the moment with an eclectic menu and spartan interiors in a very out of the way destination. For me, it wasn’t special enough to make it worth another trip.
La Societé is a hip new restaurant/cafe mentioned on every hip travel publication but was a huge disappointment – overpriced, mediocre food and slow service.
I spent everyday getting a café at Le Comptoir du Saint Germain 2 blocks from the hotel –  great people-watching!
A floor of Merci
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